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DFAS is dedicated to providing you with high quality, tailored First Aid services. We understand that no two workplaces are the same, therefore we design a First Aid package specifically to meet your needs. We also adapt our courses to provide training specific to common injuries and illnesses you may face in your workplace. 

  • We utilise your workplace for realistic First Aid Practical scenarios
  • Our courses are designed in consultation with your needs, to deliver training appropriate to your workplace
  • Our online training is a self paced assessment allowing you to complete the course in a one day practical session
  • We provide competitive rates and training at your location at your convenience
  • We will monitor your certificate expiry and advise you when an update is required
  • All our trainers have a minimum Bachelor of Emergency health (Paramedics) with extensive First Aid training and industry edperience
  • We ensure to equip you with the life saving skills that you can use within your community
  • Leave confident and prepared to assist when the need arrises
  • Discounted future refreshment courses

Why us?

DFAS is unique, our slogan is First Aid by Design. We provide tailored first aid solutions. No two workplaces are the same, therefore no two first aid services should be the same. The needs of someone who works in a restaurant is very different to someone who works on a mining site. DFAS provides First Aid, with the aim to prepare you for challenges you may face. We build you a safe environment and boost your confidence to make you First Aid Wise.

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