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Are you... Safe in the workplace?

DFAS specialises in First Aid Kit auditing and restocking. We analyse your workplace and assess all aspects of your First Aid plan including signage, number of first aid kits, kit contents, defibrillators and incident recording.

After the initial consultation we undertake bi-yearly or quarterly inspections to ensure your workplace meets legislative requirements.

All your information is kept confidential and on file, if your business is ever audited by WorkSafe, 

simply request your audit history for a full and comprehensive report.

Step 1

An appointment is made to assess your workplace and identify what your

needs are to meet government legislation.

Step 2

We design a package specific for you and send you a quote outlining what is

needed and the cost of the items

Step 3

Delivery and installation of your products as well as a ‘Certificate of

Compliance’ for your workplace upon completion

Step 4

Regular audits to replenish any used/expired items are conducted every 4-12 months, depending on usage. Inspections are charged at $65/hour, plus the cost of the items replaced

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